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Monday, December 29, 2003  


I estimate accumulation at 0.000001cm. Break out the sled, Eunice!

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A few years ago I read an interview with a guy whose 16-year-old daughter had rammed the family SUV into a normal-sized car, killing several kids in that car (but emerging relatively unscathed herself). Did he feel guilty, the dad was asked, for putting his daughter behind the wheel of an automobile that was particularly likely to do damage to others? Not at all, he barked. "If those kids' parents wanted to protect their children, they would have had SUVs too." Now that's a social conscience.

And this is an informative article on the cost in fatalities of SUVS. Basically, it works out like this: Because they lead to a far higher risk in fatalities in the cars they collide with, SUVs increase the overall fatality tally. They hurt more people than they protect. That problem would be emiliorated, though, if everyone drove SUVs. Awesome.

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Friday, December 26, 2003  


Want the Pope to send you an inspirational text message every damn day of the week? Then sent a text message reading "Pope on" to 61131. Popetastic!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003  


Sum up your year in twenty words or less. I like the idea, but at first glance I'm not impressed by the summations. I was hoping for something a bit more poetic than "eat,drink,get high,have sex and sleep..."

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Monday, December 22, 2003  


What a whirlwind two weeks. Only nine days 'til new year's, then I can shift into recovery phase.

Saw The London Nobody Knows and Finisterre at the Barbican this weekend. James Mason is a god and Neil and I will seek to emulate him from this moment forward. (Actually, I started on Saturday, and things seem to be going pretty well.)

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Thursday, December 11, 2003  


It's the morning after the office Christmas party (no illicit coworker shags for me, but i'm pleased to say that not everyone i work with can say that this morning) and we're all popping ibuprofen, gulping water and eating bacon sandwiches. Which prompts to have the following revelation:

The reason Muslims are banned from drinking isn't because drink itself is so bad. It's because they can't eat pork, and without a bacon sandwich there's no way to recover from a hangover. They'd have them forever, and Muslim society would spiral into the ground. Fact.

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Saturday, December 06, 2003  


Time and inclination to read, but not to blog. Less newspaper reading this week than any time I can remember. The replacement? Witty and urbane detective novels, as suggested by commenters to a Crooked Timber thread on genre fiction. As much as I hate the seeming pretention of the name "Aurelio Zen", I'm really enjoying Ratking. It's not a detective novel, but I also read Furst's Red Gold earlier this week. He's fabulous: he can even write sex scenes well.

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